My First Blog

Posted on: January 15, 2009

my first blogHello to my new friends this is Vishalini,i am introducing my new WordPress Blog .I’m open to all kinds of suggestions on how to make this Blog as best. And, in particular, if you think there are things I should be writing about Entertainment, Love, reading – please let me know. Also, what are your favourite resources on the net for culture: the best arts blogs, the arts organisations with the best websites, etc? The more, the more the closer.So friends keep visting my blog and splash your valuable comments.


25 Responses to "My First Blog"

That’s really cute of you to start your new blog. My suggestion is that you try to write from the heart. So, know your passion, what is your advocacy? From there, everything will fall into place. Welcome to the Blogosphere!

Welcome to blog world. And happy new you! I love making different friends. I hope you will find it quite interesting, funny, or even crazy in other people’s blog as well. I’ll keep in touch with your blog, though. Have a good time!

hihi^^ nice to meet u too
hope u enjoy blogging
oh ya…kinda sorry…i trying to put in friend list in my blog but i somehow i tried it can’t appear in my blog…n everything mess up.

that’s y in my blog don’t have any friend list…sorry

Thanks for dropping by at my blog. You have a nice template. I agree with what sassy mom commented. You just need to stuck to your passion and niche then your regular readers will be born. ๐Ÿ™‚

Welcome to blogging world and thank you for dropping by my blog. I will link all who drop by my blog including you, friend!

Hi there.Thanks for reading me up.Ive started my blog a few years back but couldnt keep up with updating it since im a very busy student.Right now im in my final year(which is the most critical year) my business become more severe.Anyways, thanks for having me as your blog-pal.Looking forward to discover your blog in the future.You’re definitely will b in my blog list. Chow~!

Hi, thanks for the visit, i’ve added you in my blogroll too it’s in the “they love coffee” list.

Thank you for having me as your blog-pal.

Hi Visha!

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment in WBN. =)
Welcome to the blogging-ville!

I agree with sassy mom, try write from the heart. It could be about anything, from your awesome experience to the small thing that fascinates you. =)

And for a start, why not u introduce urself in ur next post? =)

Okies, Toodles~

Hi dear Friend! This is Ailecgee using the real nickname. You have a beautiful headstart for blogging. Congrats and welcome to the Blogsphere! I’ve added you up on both these blogs.

Hi Visha! [nice name ๐Ÿ™‚ ] Welcome to the world of blogging. I know how it feels to start a new blog but you don’t have a clue on what you want to blog about. I would advise you to blog on your daily life experiences as a start. Basically anything that comes across your mind, no matter how silly it may sound because it might be interesting to others. Be as expressive as possible. One of the most expressive bloggers I know is Hanis (, for a celebrity she’s quite down-to-earth and creative.

Don’t think of how you can make your blog look nicer (for the moment), just think of what you can write about. Content is more important than looks/design.

Most importantly, read other people’s blogs to get an idea of what blogging is all about, but DO NOT use them as a ‘textbook’ reference, because you will lose your originality. Comment as often as you can on other people’s blog (make sure you quote your blog link to the comments), to get more people to visit your blog. But make sure you don’t advertise your blog in those comment, bloggers hate that. Just share your thoughts about their post.

Ok, I guess I’m done with my lecture, sorry if it was too long. Good luck and I’ll add you to my blog roll (just to give you some coverage). Thanks for adding me too.

Hi Visha, thanks for dropping by. Hope you have a nice time blogging and making new friends on the way. You can pen down your thoughts or share anything you wish in your blog. Looking at other blogs will give you some ideas. Cheers.

Hello Visha~

Firstlly, Welcome to the blogosphere. I’ve just started too.. Not a year yet.. I’ve definitely enjoyed my time and I think you will too… ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ve great community and you can easily find and make new friends..

Decide what you wanna do with your blog first.. The purpose and then off you go.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for your comment on my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

I think you should blog about anything you want to.. things that happen in your life, things that interest you.. anything.

That way it’s like we get to know you!

Happy Blogging!

Hi Vishalini! Welcome to the Blogosphere and thanks for dropping by my site! I look forward to reading your blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

hi dear friend,thanks to link me n nice to meet u

1st of all, welcome to de club.. ๐Ÿ™‚
n i realy welcomed a new friends n thanx dropping by my blog..

juz write anything u want dat u want to share it with others..
express urself..ehheeh

yeah, keep in touch..

hi you! thanks for adding me as your friend.keep in touch ok! nice meet you.

thanx 4 linking to my blog..

ok i don’t have any problem.. but all my entry i write in Malaysian language.

Hi Visha,
Thanks for linking my blog..happy blogging and have a nice day!!! Hey u look pretty too…

i hope we can be best friend ๐Ÿ˜€

Hi Visha. How are you. thank you for drop by at my blog.

And thank you for linking my blog too. Have a good day and take care ๐Ÿ™‚

hey baby ..thx 4 ur comment ..nice to meet u ya ^^ welcome to blog society !! hehehehehe…
anyway , i will add u in my blog ^^

Just wanna drop n say.. Hepi blogging.. nice makin’ frenz u..


hi.. nice to know u.. thanks for link n left comment to my blog… firstly, welcome to blogging world.. hope u happy in diz world.. dont forget to left ur comment at my blog.. bye… keep in touch..

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