Dinner last night

Posted on: January 23, 2009

Yesterday night i really had a great time.I went to park shereton hotel to have my dinner with my parents.After going there i thought of having some pasta..

park shereton This is the lobby of the hotel

My dinner consist of pasta and a coke:italian_pastaThis was an Italian pasta that i had last night.The pasta that i had was too good.After finishing our dinner we reached home by 11.Yesterday night I really had a great time .It’s not because of the food my dear friend’s ,its because of going out with my PARENTS after a long time..I hope you can understand my feeling’s.


6 Responses to "Dinner last night"

“Love your parents, may God loves you”.

Say a good words as well as a good deeds may make your parents happy.

i od put ur link…
myb u didn’t c it.. 😉

You know how lucky you are to have this feeling! Some people wait for a life time for the moment like this. Family is love, no matter what happens, it’s unconditional.

hmmm yummy! happy blogging 🙂

Hmm…the dish looks yummyy!! occurs to me to ask u, where r u from? the post of your 60th republic day showed that you’re Indian? confused..r you an Indian girl who stays in India or you’re an Indian girl but you’re staying in Malaysia..which actually made u a Malaysian..sorry about the confusion. Needed to ask you.

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